Anti-Blue Light Glasses: What They Are & Why You Need a Pair ASAP

anti-blue light glasses ladyboss glasses

I work from home all day, everyday, staring at my giant iMac screen. I absolutely love what I do and wouldn’t trade it for the world, BUT, there are definitely some downsides to working online. And I’m not just talking about the horrible guilt I feel when my dog whines at my feet to play because he doesn’t understand that I’m technically “at work” or the fact that sometimes I accidentally go several days without even leaving my house.

anti-blue light glasses

If I don’t drink coffee by about 11am, I’ll start getting that good old caffeine headache. But I found myself with headaches in the middle of the day even when I was heavily caffeinated. I did figure that it had something to do with the fact that I state at a computer screen for way too long everyday, but I didn’t think there was any solution to that problem other than less screen time. And for me and my business, less screen time is not an option.

But there is another option that doesn’t involve me closing my eyes for a bit every hour or so to attempt to relieve my throbbing headache: anti-blue light glasses.

What is blue light?

Science was my least favorite subject in school so I’m going to try not to get too scientific here. Sunlight contains red, orange, yellow, green, and blue light that when combined, creates the white light that we all know and love. The different colors of light are dependent on the light ray’s energy and wavelength.

Visible blue light has the shortest wavelengths and the highest energy. Our main exposure to blue light comes from the sun, and it is important as it helps to regulate our circadian rhythm (sleep cycle). Blue light is actually the reason that the sky is blue! However, too much blue light can be very bad for your health, and unfortunately for us, computer and phone screens produce a whole lot of blue light.

Blue light can cause eyestrain which can cause blurry vision, difficulty focusing, dry eyes, headaches, and neck/back pain. It can be detrimental to your productivity and ability to function properly. Blue light penetrates to the retina, the inner lining of the back of the eyeball, and too much exposure can lead to loss of vision.

Because blue light helps to regulate our sleep cycles, exposure to blue light at night makes it difficult to fall asleep. This is why it’s important not to lay in bed and scroll through Instagram before you fall asleep!

So, what can you do?

Don’t worry, you don’t need to throw your computer away or go offline. There are actually anti-blue light glasses that block the blue light from your eyes! For several months now, I have been wearing LadyBoss Glasses while I work. These glasses use Intelligent Filter Technology to protect your eyes and block blue light from penetrating your eyes.

Since I started wearing blue light glasses while I work, I don’t get nearly as many headaches (unless of course I forget my coffee), and I have a much easier time falling asleep. I’ve noticed that I’m able to focus at my computer for longer periods of time when I am wearing my blue light glasses.

Not to mention, LadyBoss Glasses are SO cute. I actually have 2 pairs of LadyBoss Glasses which is pretty nice because I tend to lose glasses around the house. I have the LADYBOSS CLASSICS in pattern and in black.

LadyBoss Glasses come in tons of other colors and styles so there’s a pair for everyone. If you’ve struggled with headaches, insomnia, or lack of focus, you need to look into anti-blue light glasses. And if you use reading glasses, there are pairs for you too! Some of the LadyBoss Glasses styles come with reader magnification options.

While there are several different brands of anti-blue light glasses out there, we love LadyBoss Glasses because they are high-quality and 100% female owned and operated - our favorite!


More Tips for Protecting Your Beautiful Eyes from Blue Light

Keep lights on in the room while you’re using screens

Looking at a screen in the dark or in low light causes additional strain on your eyes. While working on your phone or computer, make sure that you have lights on around you!

Use Night Shift on your Phone

Night Shift is a newer, built-in feature on iPhones. It adjusts the screen’s display to a yellower color to protect your eyes from too much blue light, especially at night. Turning this feature on helps to reduce blue light at night so that it does not mess with your sleep cycle if you’re using your phone before bed. I have Night Shift on from sunset to sunrise, so when the sun goes down in the evening, my phone screen shifts to a yellower light.

To turn Night Shift on:

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Tap Display & Brightness

  3. Select Night Shift

  4. Tap Scheduled

Do you feel like you’re straining your eyes while you look at screens? The sooner you start protecting your eyes, the better! Shop now.


The Best WordPress Themes for Lifestyle Bloggers

the best wordpress themes for lifestyle bloggers

You started your lifestyle blog and you’ve got amazing content, but readers are not sticking around because your website is just blah. We like pretty things, it’s just in our nature. And although we’ve all been told over and over again that we should not judge a book by it’s cover, we usually do. That goes the same for judging a website by it’s theme. Let’s be honest, we’ve all looked at an outdated website and immediately clicked that x button because we figure that there cannot be anything valuable on a site like that. Don’t let your web design drive your potential audience away!

Luckily, there are some super talented women who have designed gorgeous, responsive, easy-to-use WordPress themes for bloggers! Here are our favorite WordPress themes:

Pretty WordPress Theme

“The Pretty WordPress Theme is designed for the female entrepreneur, and blogger. You run your business efficiently, and need a site design that reflects your impeccable style while streamlining your content. The Pretty WordPress theme is ideal for lifestyle bloggers! She is sophisticated and playful. She effortlessly mixes denim with pearls. She throws her hair in a top knot and tackles her to do list like a boss. She sees the good in everyone. She is Pretty. She's not just pretty on the outside, you can choose to sell products with the Pretty WordPress theme, share your favorite recipes and so much more with this airy, elegant theme.”

“Pretty Happy: Colorful Feminine eCommerce WordPress Theme comes with lots of little extras. I love adding seemingly small things to theme designs for you, because they make a huge impact. I want you and your content to really stand out and make an impression on someone, so I go to town with little extras you may or may not notice throughout each of my themes. You can change the color of various elements using your customizer in the dashboard of your site. I’ve strategically placed customizable areas in this theme that will keep your color evenly dispersed. I also go to great lengths ensuring you’re able to easily place your brand in any of the Pretty Darn Cute Design themes and keep the colors aligned with your brand. I want you to enjoy your theme, and rest easy knowing it’s providing you with the best features available. Hooray!”

“The Pretty Fabulous WordPress Theme is packed with function, and created for the modern day influencer who needs a fresh, vibrant canvas to showcase their life, work, and hobbies while being flexible enough to work for anything or anyone. Pretty Fabulous is the human equivalent of that super fancy girl who always has her hair and makeup done, and dresses in bright, fun colors! But she’s more than just her looks, this theme packs more features than any I’ve ever created.”

“A busy website can sometimes feel like an overly cluttered home. The Pretty Simple theme is full of white space, clean lines, and simple design elements helping you and your readers feel relaxed in your organized home on the web. Installing the Pretty Simple WordPress Theme on your site is the equivalent to taking a deep digital breath and exhaling intention. Only what you need, nothing more. Simple customization options. All our our WordPress themes are fully responsive, and Pretty Simple is no exception. She’s fully responsive and looks amazing on all devices. I wanted Pretty Simple to be the Martha Stewart of WordPress themes, she’ll get you feeling organized while providing that gorgeous simple aesthetic you crave.”

“The Pretty Creative WordPress Theme is a theme for creatives. It was designed by a creative, with creatives in mind. No matter what it is that you create, the Pretty Creative WordPress theme will showcase your work in a polished way that allows your creativity to shine. Use the customizer options to change out the polka dot image, add whatever you like where the graphics are on the home page. The options for getting creative with this theme are endless, and oh so fun. Did I mention it's eCommerce ready? Do you sell products, or downloads? Great, this theme is WooCommerce ready! Don’t sell anything? Awesome, just skip the “install WooCommerce” part of your setup instructions and you’re golden. It really is that simple.”


“Living a life of glitz and glam doesn’t mean you have to live in the big city and wear the highest name brand clothes. You can live a life of Glam right where you are! With the Glam theme, you can spotlight and draw attention to all of those areas of your life that make you or your business fabulous. With the same flexibility and versatility that you have come to expect from Restored 316, this theme is a sure fit for anyone!”

“It’s time for you to Sprinkle your business with organization and functionality. With a gorgeous design and loads of possibilities, this theme is sure to fit your needs! Sprinkle Pro is perfect for businesses that have products, services, and content that needs to be noticed. In a world with so many choices and distractions, your website should create a clear path for your ideal customer. The Sprinkle Pro theme does just that!”

“You’re classy. You’re glamorous. You’re stylish. Why not ensure that your website is, too? Present your content and show off your style in the most Dazzling way possible! Custom coded to display your Reward Style products and keep your fashion finds front and center, this theme is sure to dazzle your readers! Not a fashion blogger? That’s okay, too! This theme offers functionality and flexibility for bloggers and businesses of every kind. Regardless of what you do, you’ll be doing it in style with this theme.”

“Delight your readers with a fresh new design and a pop of color using the new Delightful theme! Filled with many color schemes and features this theme is sure to get your readers attention! Organizing your content by categories on your home page to make it easier for your readers to know what your brand is all about. Create product listings or even a full shop! Whatever you choose to do with this theme it’s sure to be a delight!”

“Simply Charming is the first feminine parallax WordPress theme built with the Genesis framework! Wondering what parallax means? Parallax means that a static or set of static images are in the background and the content of the site moves upon scrolling while the background images stay in place. This theme is absolutely gorgeous no matter how you use it, and fits so many different needs”

“Geared to showcase your latest and greatest work…whether it’s a novel or an Ebook…Novelty is here to help showcase it! Created with the female author in mind, this theme is designed to bring attention to the latest masterpiece that you’ve poured your heart and soul into. With the same versatility and personalization capabilities that you’ve grown to expect from us, this theme can be used by authors and businesses alike! This new theme is packed with great features and functionality…you’re not going to want to miss out on it!”

“Imagine a place where your talents bloom to their fullest potential. Showcasing your beautiful products, services, content, and photography in an organized and simplified layout is exactly what the Bloom theme can do for your website. Bloom’s built-in portfolio feature is perfect for photographers, designers, artists and artisans to showcase all of their work. We want to see your business Bloom with this theme, today!”

Do you use Wordpress? We’d love to see some of your themes!


the best wordpress themes for lifestyle bloggers
the best wordpress themes for lifestyle bloggers
the best wordpress themes for lifestyle bloggers

How To Stop Wasting Your Time and Become a Master of Productivity

How To Stop Wasting Your Time and Become a Master of Productivity

Hey girl - are you just like every other working babe in this world and sometimes don’t use all of your time and energy in a productive manner? Uh, yeah! There is nothing wrong with having an hour or so slip by because you *accidentally* fell down some Pinterest hole of “clean-eating-while-in-Paris” boards. I mean, totally not speaking from personal experience or anything!

And quite honestly, work gets a little slower during some points of the month than other days. These are just facts - we experience it, too!

But if you feel yourself getting stuck in this whirlwind often, then maybe it’s time for a refresher on how to utilize your time to get as productive as your lil booty can be!

How To Stop Wasting Your Time and Become a Master of Productivity


Disagree with me if you will (you won’t) but checking off a task from your to-do list is probably one of the most rewarding, OCD feelings you have ever felt. Well, that and those satisfying power-washing videos. Anyways - make a priorities list. It doesn’t have to be monthly, or even weekly if that seems too overwhelming.

Start by listing out your daily tasks, making the most important or time-sensitive one at the top. Then continue down with a realistic set of goals for the remainder of the day. What also helps us is writing down a time block for each one.

For example: Write blog on mastering productivity (from 2:00-4:00 p.m.) That way you can be accountable for time tracking, too! If you’re just starting and trying to get a feel for things, take your time and write out a daily to-do list first.


Balance Your Time

You’ll also want to consider that maybe it is you that is the problem with balancing your time and productivity. Don’t get me wrong, we all have our things that literally prevent us from focusing and doing our work. But here are some tips that may help at least lower the amount of time wasted:

  • Try turning your phone on “Do Not Disturb” mode. I love doing this because although I may get the pop-up iMessages on my laptop, I don’t get a lot of other notifications that are specific to my phone (hello, Instagram and Facebook!) Diminishing those distracts have personally helped me a lot.

  • Use apps that prevent you from going on different apps. Apps like Flora, Moment, and Flipd can help lock you out from your favorite distractions (don’t take away my Candy Crush!!) for a set amount of time.

  • Give yourself breaks. We say this a ton of our posts here, but listen, it’s soooo good for your overall health. If you keep going and going, you’re going to fry your brain. So take a couple of 15-20 minute intervals and a nice lunch break throughout the day.

  • Use a Time Block Cube! These cute little timers are so handy. I have one and you just turn it on it’s side for whichever time increment you want (15 mins, 30 mins, 60 mins, etc.) and the alarm will go off when the time is up. It’s great if you want to spend 30 minutes clearing your inbox or one hour writing a newsletter! And they’re just $6.99 on Amazon!

Get organized

Slow work day? Great! Time to get organized! Use this time to rearrange things on your desk that have been thrown around from that crazy week you just had. Make sure important document are filed appropriately and are accounted for.

Inbox looking like you’ve never sent an email before? Get that straightened out, girl! If you’re like us and constantly are writing or designing something, make a couple of drafts or play around in Canva to give yourself a head-start on a day where you can’t think up of any good ideas.

remember: done is better than perfect

You also might have to reteach your brain to evaluate success. We all have our different definitions on success, but realize that finishing something is a great goal to have, but you just need to start by, well, starting!

Continually strive for progress rather than perfection. You’ll not only beat your head against the wall when you aren’t reaching perfection, but you have a high possibility of burning yourself out.

How To Stop Wasting Your Time and Become a Master of Productivity

no is a full sentence

Telling yourself or others “no” or “not right now” is also a great way to learn how to balance your time. Learning the importance of the tasks at hand that need your attention right now positively impacts the rest of that scary to-do list you complied earlier. It creates time for you to accomplish your needs and will help you see a difference in using your time versus wasting it.

celebrate your success

And lastly, celebrate good times, girl! Just because you work hard doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a well-deserved glass of bubbly! From a psychological stance, when accomplishments are rewarded, we are significantly more likely to continue the stride of achievements. As long as you have self-restraint from giving yourself rewards for just showing up to work!

It’s undeniable that you are going to be faced with days that you want nothing more than to be in bed cuddled with your dog watching the Great British Bake Show. Therefore, you’re not going to be motivated to sit at work. Each person needs their own rhythm and schedule to figure out what works best for them and what will make their own unique time productive. These tips have not only helped us, but this also comes as advice from our own community! If you take this advice a little at a time, you’ll never lose another ounce of productivity again!

Mental Health and Social Media

mental health and social media

Listen, there’s no doubt that at the center of social media there is always the same question: But is it healthy for me?

social media and mental health

And honestly, it may not be. But, for some, it can be! You are the only person who knows the inner workings of your mind and your limits. For some, social media just isn’t in the cards and that’s totally understandable! It can be a breeding ground for negative energy, but the magic of social media is that sometimes extremely beautiful things come from it.

To help you better understand the pros and cons of social media when it comes to your mental health, we put on our investigative hats and did our research! We compiled a list of the good and the bad of social media to give you a better outlook on one of our most important tools in modern society.

social media PROS:

We love social media because it is all about connecting with people. On a personal level, we can’t go without having relationships with others. And MySpace and Facebook were the first to really show us what it is like to connect and build friendships with people all around the world. Whether it be to stay in touch with family members who are across the country or supporting your Internet bestie, staying in contact with people is the greatest asset of social media.

On most social media outlets, you have the ability to post content in which you will share with others. Being able to have a digital form of self-expression is the reason why Instagram blew up. We can post about anything and everything (for the most part) and let the world see our creative minds before their very eyes. We can make our profiles beautiful and document times in our lives to share. We can make things however we find attractive and allow the rest of our following to enjoy it with us.

social media and mental health

Many people look over the fact that social media has helped countless users become comfortable in their self-identity. This means that although a person may be shy and timid in person, they feel more alive and free to be themselves online. They are able to find a tribe who love and identify alongside them, bringing them into a community of positive understanding. Not only is a community a large part in this, but being able to follow individuals who are pillars in their respective communities bring encouragement and hopes of victory for those just now finding themselves.

To be completely honest, there would be no Girlcrush, (or InstaCrush for that matter!), if it weren’t for social media. Booming in the recent years, Instagram is especially to thank that online businesses are becoming a common way to go about careers. Working from home has never been more accessible, especially if you have a family and other high priorities going on in life. And it’s always a great option for those who’s anxiety or mental health prevent them from working in a corporate environment. (Hi, we’re raising our hands over here!)

Overall: Social media can be beneficial in enhancing a user’s mental health and/or happiness. In a recent study conducted by Drexel University, they studied the responses of 800 photos with the tag #depression. They found that although they found both negative and positive comments on these posts, the positive overwhelmingly surpassed the negative. This is because people tend to find their own tribe on social media and when that happens, the followers empathize  and create an environment where people can wholeheartedly be themselves while having a family-like group surrounding them with upliftment. Social media communities will also make aware of mental health issues by doing campaigns or using hashtags to give others the platform to express their own stories and give their opinions.

social media and mental health

Social Media CONS:

A large population of children now have experienced either first-hand or know someone who has been a part of online bullying or harassment. It has never been easier to be a bully because now you don’t even have to face the person - you just need a keyboard and a profile. People can and will write hateful things just because they feel like - they could have no agenda with you whatsoever. Take a look at the newlywed Bieber’s. Hailey has hundreds (if not thousands) of Instagram profiles dedicated to just hating her because she’s married to Justin. Hatred and harassment aren’t excluded to anyone online.

social media and mental health

Just because you weren’t given the chance to deny an invite to go out with friends just to stay home, doesn’t mean you want it showing up all over your feed. The fear of missing out or FOMO is perpetuated in social media culture. When we have Instagram as an online public diary, we post about the events going on in our lives to share them with our followers. However, it has the potential to show all the fun things your friends are doing that are happening without you. It gives a sense of rejection, isolation, and sometimes a dangerously competitive nature.

When all of your friends and the celebrities you follow are all posting about the latest outfits they purchased or how their on their way to Bali, it’s hard not to think, “Why can’t that be me?” Comparison issues arise when your feed is looking like a “who’s who” of Millennial influencers. Here’s a fun little tip, more times than not, these people return the outfits immediately after taking their pictures and their trips probably aren’t nearly as fun as they’re making it seem. We have both lived in New York City, do you think we’re posting about the pile of vomit in the subway train? No! Just keep that in mind!

Between all of these issues, social media has now become an addiction in our generation. It has gone so far in not only being a mental health issue, but a physical health one, too. People are now going through sleep deprivation because they are staying up, consumed by what their friends are doing or comparing themselves to strangers on the Internet. The addiction comes from needing or wanting that little buzz of a notification to tell you that someone is looking and liking your stuff. And when that happens once, you can’t help but need it happen again, and again, and again…

Overall: Social media can be a really hard place to navigate through all the crap sometimes. When it comes to wanting more likes and comments and views, sometimes people pull extremes to get all of that and more. Between people harassing one another and showing off lives that they don’t really live, it is difficult to decipher what is fake and what is reality.

social media and mental health

Obviously, we love social media. The whole business is wrapped around and marketed all through social media! Everyday in our community, we see beautiful women living their best lives, starting businesses, and growing families with joy and smile on their faces. But like anything else in this world, it comes with its ugly side, too. Just like you, we try our best to perpetuate a positive, uplifting culture for our boss babes to thrive in. And that is all we can ask of one another on social media, no matter what your differing opinions are. If we all try a little more each day to be kinder and say sweeter words, then maybe we can all break the stigma of social media being bad for one’s mental health.

Katie & Maddie

social media and mental health
social media and mental health
social media and mental heath

Blogging Tools That Make Our Lives So Much Easier

blogging tools that make our lives so much easier

We all have our go-to, essential tools and programs we direct ourselves to every time we sit down for work. Other than stating the obvious app of Instagram, we have several apps that help us run our everyday kind of business. Little things like email marketing, using proper grammar in writing copy, to even purchasing a domain name are all things someone first starting out may forget! Check out our life-saving favs that we can’t help but to rave about!


First and foremost, you are definitely going to want to get a domain name tied down to you. Because what’s the point of being a blogger or an online biz owner if you don’t have your own website?! NameCheap is the best for helping you find the perfect domain name. It can be split up in 3 different categories: individuals, business, or resellers - all in which to piece together the most efficient way to help you. It will tell you what domains are available by having a search bar smack, right in the middle of the homepage. NameCheap works great with WordPress users, too! The best part? It is one of the most inexpensive resources to purchase your domain. They really do put the “cheap” in NameCheap.


So, have you ever gotten frustrated because you have to go back to your iPhone or make a Word Doc just to see the spelling of a word or whether to use affect or effect? No need to worry any further with Grammarly! It’s an add-on for your computer and will jump onto anything you’re typing to give you pop-ups of recommended words, phrases, and proper grammar to use. If you’re a blogger, I’m sure that your Mac or website you use for your blog will help you if something is misspelled. But, wouldn’t you love it if you got extra help to structure your sentences differently or even helping you stay consistent in a passive/active voice, too? We love it so much because we sometimes will write all day long and little things like that will happen! Get started here!

blogging tools that make our lives so much easier

Capitalize My Title

We honestly can’t be the only ones out here who have pondered a good chunk of time if certain words should or shouldn’t be capitalized in titles. And we both have degrees in this kind of stuff! Capitalize My Title has saved us so much time, energy, and disputes on what we think should be capitalized! All you have to do is go to their website, type your title in the bar provided, and it will tell you instantly! Not to mention it helps in all different types of writing formats!


Think we are anywhere near done from gushing about Canva? Not a chance! Canva is the place where we create beautiful templates for our InstaCrush Society members, share ideas with collaborators, and experiment with new designs. You can make literally anything in Canva. From inspirational quotes, advertisements, to Instagram Story Q & A’s, the possibilities are endless. If you’re a blogger, this is a great tool for announcing you have a new post up!

For more on how we use Canva, check out these blog posts:


What if you could be guaranteed to get 20 hours back each week? Well with Coschedule you will be able to plus a ton more! You will organize all of your marketing in one place where it is easy to understand and use. Build teams, keep projects & to-do lists on track, and be able to promote and manage posts all in one condensed location! Get proactive in your organization with your team, business, and with yourself! Who doesn’t love a beautiful color-coordinated online calendar at the tips of your fingers? Coschedule gets things done for the busy working woman that you are - just get it set up and get rolling!

blogging tools that make our lives so much easier


One of the most overlooked tools, whether it be your blog or biz, is your email list! And ConvertKit is our favorite tool to help us utilize our email list to grow to its fullest potential. Here’s the thing - you may not know anything when it comes to starting an email list. We didn’t either! Luckily ConvertKit gives you three different options of levels you can start at: Beginner, Experienced, Advanced. Depending on which level you select, ConvertKit will help you down a path to learn how to email market like a pro! It helps to configure analytics of your subscribers and how to improve your productivity with email marketing. Start your money-making email list here!


Is your business marketing centered around Instagram and Pinterest? Are you finding it crazy time-consuming to go through both accounts and constantly having to post and figure out what is working for you by hand? Then Tailwind is here to save you time and stress from your problems! What Tailwind does is help users save time by planning and scheduling posts, maximize your reach to highly-engaged audiences, and become informed of the types of people who are getting exposure to your content! Tailwind is especially great for teams in your biz to stay organized and on top of current goals! You can join us in being super automated and super organized from here on out!

Learn more about Tailwind in these posts:

We’re always on the hunt to find other amazing sites and tools that can help organize your blog and streamline your productivity! What tools could you not blog without?

Katie & Maddie

blogging tools and resources we could not blog without
blogging tools and resources we could not blog without