Boss Babe Beauty Tips: Fall 2017


Hey Boss Babes!

We are narrowing it down to the last month of the fall season, I know… it’s sad! I love fall, everything about it makes me happy, the colors, the pumpkin spice lattes, the crunchy leaves on the ground, but most of all, fall makeup trends are always my favorite! 

I am going to share with you my top three favorite fall 2017 makeup trends, that are absolutely fabulous and super easy to achieve! Along with some product ideas to help you create these looks on yourself! Let’s begin, shall we?!

The three products we will be discussing are pictured below: 


The first trend that I am absolutely loving this season, that I have seen quite a bit, is the thick, dark lower lashes! If you are a fashion lover, you probably noticed the “Twiggy-inspired” lashes on some of the models at the Jeremy Scott Fall 2017 fashion show.

I am loving this look so much! The nice thing about it is that you can wear it toned down a bit, for days where you want to still have a bold lower lash, but not use it as the focal point of your makeup, or you could go all out with some falsies and really draw attention to your eyes. My favorite way to achieve this look is simply by generously applying my Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara on to my lower lashes. But If you are feeling feisty, buy some individual falsies, and apply them to your lower lashes to mimic the look from the Jeremy Scott Fashion Show. My favorite individual lashes are from Ardell, and you can buy them at Ulta Beauty or Target for around $6.

The next trend that I am seeing a lot more of that I think is absolutely gorgeous is wearing a bronzer in place of blush.

I am a lover of being bronzed, so finding new ways to incorporate bronzers into my makeup routine is always something I am interested in. I’ve noticed tons of celebrities swapping their blush for a bronzer, and I actually really like the idea of doing this. I think it gives your skin a really gorgeous pop of color, which looks amazing; and it gives your fall fashion a nice subtle reminiscent of summer. My personal favorite bronzer is the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer, it smells like chocolate (yum) and has the greatest bronzy color for any look!

Lastly, a trend that I hope never goes away is the neutral lip shade trend!

This is another look that I am obsessing over this season! Neutral tones are some of my favorites to wear on my lips because just like a strong red lip, there is the right neutral shade for every skin tone and you can really wear it with any outfit, or any makeup look. You can wear it casually, formally, and rock it whether you are going on a date, going to a holiday party or just simply running out for coffee. Neutral tones are fantastic, so this trend is definitely one of my favorites! 

My favorite neutral lip color is the NYX “Brooklyn Thorn” from the NYX Liquid Suede Set!

Below I’m wearing the NYX “Brooklyn Thorn” Lipstick, I’ve swapped my blush for a bronzer and I’m wearing thicker mascara on my lower lash line. This could be worn as an everyday work look, as I actually wore my makeup like this to work today in honor of this blog post! 


Have you rocked any of these trends? I am so excited to see what the upcoming season brings in the world of makeup! 

XO- Sara M.

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