Boss Babe Essentials: 2018 Blog Planners


It's a new year, time for you to really get your blog organized. Simplify your blogging process with these blog planners.


2018 Blog Planner by Redefining Mom

The 2018 Blog Planner includes:

  • 2018 year at a glance
  • Individual calendar pages with a spot for inspiration quotes, revenue goals, and monthly goals running Nov 2017-Dec 2018
  • Weekly planning pages
  • Daily planning page broken down in 30-minute increments
  • 2018 goal planning
  • Quarterly goal planning
  • Monthly goal planning
  • Monthly website stat tracking
  • Monthly financial tracker
  • Blog post idea page
  • Year in review reflection

The Badass Blog Planner by xo Sarah

Whether you’re setting goals for the new year or just hoping to step-up your blogging game, The Badass Blog Planner is the must-have guide to blog with purpose and grow your online presence like a pro.

Packed with over 60 worksheets, this workbook will help you review the past year and hatch a plan to improve your blog content, social media, products and services, email newsletter, marketing, advertising, budget, and website design.

Worksheets include:

  • Blog content
  • Social media profiles
  • Projects and products
  • Email newsletter
  • Blog advertisers
  • Marketing
  • Guest posting
  • Static pages
  • Branding and design
  • Budget
  • Yearly goals
  • Blogging process

The #BOSSBABE Blog Planner
by Hello Foxy

The #BOSSBABE Blog Planner has been created specifically to help you:

  • Brand your blog, social media, newsletter
  • Set your goals and create an action plan to accomplish them
  • Create kick-ass content
  • Design your newsletter, freebies, and marketing campaigns
  • Keep track of your progress, stats and income
  • Stay motivated throughout the year
  • Keep all of your notes and infos in one place

The Savvy Boss Business Binder includes:

• 36 Pages of Business Planning Goodness!
• Your Business Ideas
• About Your Biz + Ideal Client
• Your Quarterly Goals
• Planning Your Services or Products
• The Tools, Tech + Software I use to run my own Business
• Yearly Goal Planning
• Financial Goals
• Monthly Financial Tracking
• Common Biz Expenses
• Monthly Expense Tracker
• Blog Content Planner
• Blog Post Schedule
• Social Media Schedule
• Weekly To-Do's
• Calendar Pages (undated, so you can use any time!)
• Email Marketing Tracker
• Affiliate Marketing Brainstorm
• Stats + Analytics Tracker
• Passive Income Ideas
• Mental Blocks // Stress Journal
• 4 Beautiful Inspirational Quote Pages
• Notes Page
• Fillable Boxes so you can fill out on your computer if you like!

CREATE: Blog & Editorial Calendar by Meera Kothand

The CREATE planner keeps you focused on your blogging goals by tracking and analyzing what matters most. It puts the right questions in front of you to help you understand your audience better and to create content designed to showcase your products and services. 

Here’s what you’ll discover in the CREATE Planner:

  • how to tie the stage of your blog and business with your tasks and goals for maximum returns
  • Track not just your social stats but email metrics and content types to determine what draws your audience to you
  • Chart a content and email strategy that gels with your business and blogging goals. Every decision you make will be calculated and intentional
  • Map your projects to end goals to see what will give you the best results
  • Manage your stress and avoid burn-out by planning your days and weeks using 4 main tasks

This 246-page CREATE planner is undated, designed to be picked up at any time of the year and has plenty of space to hold your creative thoughts, ideas and scribbles.

Building profitable blog is takes a lot of planning, working, tracking and analyzing. If you want to run a profitable blog you need to make a commitment to consistency and dedication. You need tools you can use to organize all your blogging needs, and make this year productive and time-savvy.

This planner bundle of 50+ printable pages and yearly budget Excel spreadsheet will help you to create a strategic plan for your blog, to plan your blog posts, to create editorial calendar for the month, to track yearly and monthly stats, to plan your promotion strategy generally and separately to each tool. It will help you organize and keep track of your blog finances, usernames & passwords, biz and blog tools, and lot’s more!

Each sheet is unique! This planner has a minimalist design that helps you concentrate on your writings and achieving your business goals. The best thing is that you can print each page as many times as you need.

Strategy Planner
Reader Portrait
Brand Style

Blog Post Ideas
Blog Post Brainstorm
Categories Ideas
Blog Series Planner
Editorial Calendar (2 versions)
Weekly Editorial
Blog Post Planner

Analytics Annual
Statistics Annual
Statistics Monthly
Advertising Tracker
Sponsors Information
Affiliates Information
Sponsored Posts Tracker
Guest Posts Tracker
Giveaways Tracker
Product Launch Tracker
Contacts Tracker
Passwords Tracker

E-mail Strategy
E-mails Calendar
Newsletter Planner
Social Media Strategy
Facebook Strategy
YouTube Strategy
Twitter Strategy
Pinterest Strategy
Other Social Strategy
Promotion Calendar
Advertisement Planner
Giveaway Planner

Yearly Planner
Monthly Planner
Yearly Goals
Monthly Goals
Monthly Tracker
Weekly Planner
Daily Planner
Goal Planner
Projects List
Project Planner (2 versions)

Finance Model
Budget Annual
Budget Monthly
Cash Flow

Use this budget spreadsheet to map your income and expenses over the next twelve months. This Excel spreadsheet is formatted, designed, and formulated to automatically calculate amounts for you. To be used in Microsoft Excel.

This one-year blog editorial planner helps you create a purposeful and profitable content plan for your blog through a mini blog business plan, ideal reader survey, monthly theme planning, monthly content planning, and standard monthly calendars. The blog planner is set up with blank months so that you can start using it any month of any year.

Each month includes:

  • a page to plan important goals and tasks before the month begins
  • a page to track progress on key stats and goals after the month ends
  • two pages per month to brainstorm content ideas for your blog, email list, products, and collaborations
  • space near the monthly calendar to write notes or record your content ideas before plugging them into your calendar

Keeping your blog post process checklist, business plan, and other planning pages in the same place as your monthly editorial calendar will help you stay focused in creating a compelling content plan that encourages blog growth and increased profits.

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