2018 Girlcrush Gift Guide

Girlcrush Gift Guide

Guess what time of year it is?!

December is in full swing and the days are already flying by. But…. You don’t have everyone on your gift list accounted for yet. OOPS. Well, never fear, girlfriend, because we’re here to help you find something perfect for that special someone or even own girl gang!

We featured gifts for everyone on your list created by female-owned businesses!

For your man:

Put away those heart eyes for just a second and focus, babe! What has he been hinting at for the last few months? Are they Rangers tickets? What about a new IPA that he’s been telling all his bros about?

What we recommend:

For a boyfriend - a really thoughtful gift that shows you listen to his sports stats (even when you don’t want to.)

For a husband - a really thoughtful gift (ya know, keepin’ the romance alive!) and then a fun or functional present where he can enjoy it over and over again like an outfit that just screams him or his favorite cologne (which honestly is a present for you, too. ;)

Gifts for your man from female owned businesses:

For your girls:

Stacking rings are such a cute trend right now! And what is better than having a sweet memento of your lady crew? You can get a few of these on Esty and even customize them to fit y’alls personalities or a slogan you have!

Your gal gang not into jewelry? That’s fine, too! Keeping their own styles in mind, a monogramed journal or a bottle of her favorite wine (hey, if you’re on the nice list she just might share some with you!) will always be a homerun with your besties.

Gifts for your girls from female owned businesses:

For your boss:

Need any extra push to tell your boss you need that Christmas bonus? Kidding! But if you look at her as more than “just a boss” then she deserves a sweet gift, too.

Coffee and coffee accessories are always a good call. I mean just channel Michael Scott and get a “World’s Best Boss” coffee mug! Some of her favorite freshly ground coffee would be such a #blessing in her busy life, too! Is she more of a function over everything kind of woman? Get her some trendy organizing essentials from Target - a fun gift without having to break the bank!

Gifts for your boss from female owned businesses:

For your roomie:

Roomies are the ladies who have dealt with your messes all year, and sometimes even your dog’s, so she deserves something that’ll give her some relaxation!

Her fav scented candle, a bubble bath set, or even a new cookbook that her Food Network idol wrote would all be great ideas to allow for some down-time for your best, patient roommate.

Gifts for your roomie from female owned businesses:

For your pet:

Ok, so let’s be honest. Any gift for your dog is really just a gift for you to adore them even more.

Getting a matching pajama set with them would be SO adorable - and not to mention hella Insta-worthy. Check out the brand Pajamagram!

Glam up their everyday wardrobe with some sparkles on the collar or jacket, or if he’s too manly for that, man it up with some name brand athletic wear (Adidogs)!

Gifts for your pet from female owned businesses:

We know gift shopping is stressful, especially when you’re shopping for more than just one person. We hope this list helps you ladies out a little bit so that you can stay on track with holiday shopping this year and not be freaked out by what to buy! :)

Happy & safe shopping!

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