#Sponsored - Tips for Collaborating with Brands with Jessica Alexis

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So, you’ve been eyeing this brand but don’t feel like you have the following to work with them? Well what if I told you the number of followers you have doesn’t always matter. 

#Sponsored These days, brands want content and eyeballs. Companies prefer to send influencers free products in exchange for content and publicity than paying for an Ad. Why? Because it’s inexpensive, you can track it and it’s a faster way of getting in front of new audiences. Influencer Marketing is so underpriced that brands are incorporating more of this into their strategies and spending less on advertising.

Here are some tips for collaborating with brands from Jessica Alexis:

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Don’t get it twisted.

  • Know your niche

  • Pick brands that you genuinely love or see yourself as a customer

hashtag sponsored expectations

No expectations.

  • Detach yourself from the outcome don’t expect them to say yes! Keep an open mind.

  • Know that you’ll have to do some free work in the beginning before brands start reaching out for a collaboration. 

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It’s not stalking. It’s research.

  • Familiarize yourself with the company or brand. What type of content do they post, what are some key messages they get across in their feed. Who have they worked with? What’s their aesthetic? Who are they following? What hashtags do they use?

  • Pick brands that you genuinely love or see yourself as a customer 

  • Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Reach out to brands that are large, medium or small in size. You’d be surprised how many people would want to give you space or product in exchange for content.


You before me. Not the other way around.

  • Put their needs before your own. Yes, while it would be great to get a free product, think about the value you can provide (not the perks you’ll receive) to the company or brand. After all, it’s about quality content.

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Working with a brand is like dating.

Yep. You read that right.

  • Build a relationship with the brand before you reach out to them. Engage on their posts, DM them to show your support. Don’t just reach out when you want something from them. 

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“What do you bring to the table?” I am the table.

  • It’s important to know what your strengths or weaknesses are. If you’re good at photography, for example, let them know you are willing to provide content (photography) at no cost for their marketing and/or social media use.

thank u next

It’s not you, it’s me. Thank you, next.

  • Nobody likes to get left on “read.” Sometimes we face rejection, and that’s ok. There are so many other brands and small businesses that need your skills. Keep searching for the right fit.

  • If you feel like no one responds, look back at your intentions and why you want to work with them. Are there other smaller brands or local businesses that have a similar style/message you could work with?

sample email collaboration

Subject: Influencer Photoshoot at The Avalon Apartments

Hi Erin,

It's Jess from @thetrendyvoyager on Instagram. I wanted to reach out as I am interested in creating content with my photographer at the Point Street location in March. I would love to collaborate with The Avalon Apartments o provide you with hi-res images at no cost in exchange for taking photos at this location.

I am a lifestyle influencer from New York City, and I specialize in creating content for brands I love. In addition to providing you with hi-res images for your social media and/or marketing use, I can supply a blog post where my readers can learn more about your amazing apartments, amenities, and services. I can also include you in my January newsletter linking to the post and/or your website and social handles whichever you prefer.

Let me know if you're interested. I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,


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Creator of The Trendy Voyager // @thetrendyvoyager
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web: thetrendyvoyager.com 
email: contact@thetrendyvoyager.com 

sample collaboration template

Hey @avalonapartments social team!

I am a lifestyle and travel photographer from New York City interested in creating content for your apartment complex. I can provide images at no cost to you in exchange for permission to shoot at this location. Additionally, I can provide you a blog post where my readers can learn more about your lovely apartments. Please let me know if you would be interested in this type of collaboration.

Thanks for your time in advanced! I look forward to hearing from you.


instagram dm

If you feel like you need some help reaching out to brands or want an Instagram/Email Audit Coaching Consultation email contact@thetrendyvoyager.com for a 90-minute session for $75. Or reach out over Instagram DM @thetrendyvoyager


About Jessica:

A lifestyle and travel content creator from NYC, Jessica formerly managed Influencer Marketing at a major U.S. Airline. Since leaving this role, she has successfully been able to collaborate with brands like Beauty Blender, Usual Wines, 1405 Point, Plantbar, Hotel Hive, Majestic Punta Cana, Getaway House, Erin Condren, and Vive Cosmetics. She has been interviewed by #WeAllGrow Latina Network, and online community for Latina Changemakers. Jessica is also the Founder of her own Latina Entrepreneurs and Creator Community @BossChicasGlobal.