How to Save Hours of Your Precious Time When Using Engagement Pods

If you have seen my post Instagram Pods: What? Why? How? then you know that engagement pods can be an extremely effective way to boost your engagement on Instagram.

But if you use engagement pods, you also probably know that they can take up a ton of your time! You want to be a good human being and like everyone's posts, but it can take up a good chunk of your time and you need to be very dedicated.

WELL MY FRIENDS, there is a plug-in for Google Chrome that will go through and like all of the links FOR YOU.

Yeah. It's super easy. Just install the plug-in, open Telegram in your browser, and scroll through. You'll see the links become highlighted in yellow, meaning they are added to the queue (the plug-in is even aware that you can be temporarily banned from Instagram if you like too many posts at once, so it adds them all to a queue and spaces them out just a bit). Once the link has been liked by your account, it'll turn green.

Plus, it's not a "3rd-party app" so you cannot be "punished" by Instagram for using it. You do not sign in to the plug-in or provide them with any of your information.

Instead, you just make sure that you are signed into your Instagram account on your Chrome browser, and the plug-in will open up each link in a separate tab and you'll see it "like" the post for you. It's actually kind of fun to watch! Haha!

It works for both Facebook and Telegram!

It was developed by a man who watched his wife spend her time going through tons of links and liking them all. He changed the game for not only his wife but also all of us lucky engagement pod participants! He gets a Pulitzer Prize in my book.

The investment for the plug-in is just $20 total. No monthly plan, just a good old one time payment!

Click here to download Like It All. 

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Just a little FYI, I will make a small percentage for each purchase of Like It All. I would never recommend an app or product that I do not personally use and love!

Happy engaging!