The Importance of Having a Morning Routine

the importance of having a morning routine

Listen, we all know that the morning can bring nothing but hitting that snooze button again and again just to jump out of bed with only enough time to put one leg through a pair of pants while chugging down a cup of coffee. Too relatable? Yeah, it is for us, too.

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Having a morning routine is actually psychologically important for making the rest of your day run smoothly. How you set the tone first thing in the morning is, give or take, how the rest of your day will flow. Now wouldn’t you want a more balanced and positive day just by allowing yourself some time in the morning to let that happen? Uh, sign us up!

Now before we dive in, look at the word “routine” not as a “gotta get up early check list” but more so as creating your own lifestyle for your days!

Ideas For Your Morning Routine

Get 7 to 8 Hours of Sleep

    • Studies have shown that the average adult needs to sleep for around 8 hours in order to achieve a healthy lifestyle and mindset. Although sometimes we feel as if when we sleep for only 4 hours we have more energy, it’s the same feeling for when you get a sugar high. It might feel like you have a lot of energy now, but you’ll have a crash later.

Get Up on Your First Alarm & Open the Blinds

    • Studies have proven people who get up on their first alarm (rather than hitting snooze a couple dozen times!) have more productive and energetic days. To help tempt you from clicking your lock button, open your blinds when your first alarm goes off. Typically, the sun will already be up and will pour its light into your room. It’ll help motivate you to get out of bed to get that sunshine out of your eyes!

morning routine

Get Up to Watch The Sunrise

    • We know that daylight savings makes this a little hard to accomplish at times, but maybe plan a few days during the week to make time to watch the sunrise (if applicable.) It will make you appreciate the little things and hey, what can beat a beautiful sunrise?

Don’t Check Your Phone ASAP

    • Adjusting your eyes from being shut for hours immediately to a blaring LED screen can really cause some destruction. Once your eyes are adjusted after a couple of minutes, then go ahead and check!

Drink Water

  • Before anything else enters your body, make sure you get a drink of water first. Think of it as the oil of a car engine, without it, things just don’t run as smoothly! If you’re not a big water drinker, try adding cucumber and lemon to add flavor and benefits! Even though wanting to reach for that coffee pot is instinctual, just a cup of water beforehand is sufficient!

Make Your Bed!

  • If you caught our newsletter about getting your life together, you’ll remember we talked about a book written by Admiral William McRaven that centers around how making your bed first thing in the morning can literally change the way you do things. The premise is to show that making sure you do one simple task every morning, it creates a habit and that can translate into every sphere of your life!

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  • Nothing starts your body up more like getting the blood flowing and warming it up! Stretching it out before leaving the house (especially if you have a desk job) will create long-term benefits that will strengthen your back and core so your body can withstand sitting for long hours. Exercising first thing in the morning engages and starts your metabolism up so that throughout the day your body is working properly when it comes to anything you eat or drink. There’s an app created but Johnson & Johnson made a 7 minute, all-encompassing workout - all at different levels! Here’s the link:

Meditate or Yoga

  • If you’re not about breaking too much of a sweat, try meditating or yoga. Sometimes yoga gets intense, but trying some simple yet effective apps will get the job done. Try apps like Headspace for meditation and Daily Yoga for easy, everyday moves that even strangers to meditation and yoga can do.

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Coffee Break!

  • If you live with a roommate(s) or a significant other, take some time in the morning to make a cup of coffee for y’all and talk about the day ahead or recap on the night prior! It’s a great way to build up your relationships plus getting human interaction first thing in the morning helps engage your brain muscles before you get to work!

Write in a Gratitude/Affirmation Journal

  • What is better than physically looking at all the great things happening in your life? Writing out what you’re thankful for in your life can really put things into perspective and change your whole look on not just your day, but life!

Plan out Your To-Do List & Eat the Frog!

  • Wait - what? Make a to-do list for your day, maybe even your week and check on it every morning. So what did we mean by eat the frog? Tackle the biggest/scariest/hardest task first, so that the rest of your list doesn’t look too tough!

Enjoy Quiet Time

  • What else is better than just hanging out in silence? Take this time to just hang out in your thoughts or make mental notes for later. Or if you’re spiritual, say your morning prayers or thank the universe for a new day.

Take Some Time with Your Kids/Pet

  • Being a mom is probably one of the most busiest jobs on this Earth. Try to take some time to bond with your kiddo(s) during breakfast. If they’re younger, give them a craft to do or a coloring book. This will help stimulate their minds as they start the days! As dog moms ourselves, we take our pups to the park every morning before work! It helps get their energy out while we work during the day while also being a great way to bond with them plus their getting some socialization!

Self-Care Bathroom Routine

  • Are you just like Jonathan Van Ness and have to make sure your face is moisturized for the gods, honey? What about that bed-head of yours? Get your jush on and get that mane tamed!

Eat Breakfast

  • This seems like a no-brainer, but sometimes we just forget! Try to avoid sugar-filled things so that you don’t crash before your lunch break!

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Play a Podcast in the Background

    • Did you know that our subconscious picks up on background noise? As you get ready for your day, play an interesting podcast! Maybe it’ll help brainstorm some ideas while at work.

Take Your Time

    • If you’re getting up and rushing to get out the door, your day is going to feel a little off the entire time. I mean we all know that feeling! But if you account for enough time in your day, you can 100% be able to casually stroll your way out the door and oh no! There’s a red light! Who cares? You created enough time in your morning to deal with anything!

Pack Your Lunch/Plan Your Dinner

    • Save time, energy, and money! (And possibly calories!) Pack a lunch for the afternoon rather than driving around getting fast food. Making dinner plans or planning out to make for dinner will save time trying to figure out something while you’re starving.

Do Something That Future You Will Be Thankful You Did

    • The last thing someone wants to do after work is some annoying chore. So while you have the energy to do it, do the dishes, vacuum, fold the laundry, spiffy up the place - just little things that will go a long way for your future self!

Don’t Stress Yourself Out in Creating a Routine

    • No one’s routine is perfect and maybe Obama’s routine won’t fit your typical morning. (Does having a 2,000 calorie blasting cardio workout before breakfast sound like something you want to do? Well maybe it is, we won’t judge. ;) But keep a level head and don’t pressure yourself in becoming a morning person if you’re not. Working a little bit day by day will help create a daily routine that will eventually fit for you. Trial and error is your best friend in all of this. Trying your best already shows that you’re looking for improvement, so keep at it!

Do you have a regular morning routine? Let us know in the comments! We’re always looking for new ideas!

the importance of having a morning idea plus a list of ideas
the importance of having a morning idea plus a list of ideas