Quizzes: The Most Exciting Way to Generate Leads!

generate leads with quizzes

Okay, let's not pretend we have not all taken a few ridiculous Buzzfeed quizzes before.

When I'm scrolling through articles and come across "Eat Nothing But Eggs For An Entire Day And We'll Reveal The Surprising Way You're Going To Die," I laugh at its bizarre concept but then also quickly take the quiz because I want to see what it says (I'll die by tripping over a hose while egging someone's house).

buzzfeed quiz

And then I'll see one that has to do with my favorite TV show or movie and I am drawn in. I didn't realize how badly I needed to know what % Ross Geller I am until I realized that this quiz actually existed (I am 50% Ross).

Then there'll be a quiz that maybe pokes at your insecurities. It could be bizarre and you know that there cannot be a correlation between "the doorknobs you choose" and "the reason why most people secretly hate you," but you take it anyway because...maybe you'll learn something about yourself. Based on the doorknobs that I chose, people hate me because I cried over Kylie Jenner's pregnancy announcement (I didn't CRY.....I just had a lot of feelings).

There are some quizzes though, that can truly give you answers, such as "Design An Apartment In Eight Steps And We'll Tell You Which Big City You Belong In." If you are thinking about your life and where you should live, this may really catch your attention (I got Nashville and yeah, I'd move there in a second!).

Now, imagine if this apartment quiz had been created by Realtor.com, and after filling out my answers I had to put in my name and email. Then, when my result came up telling me that I should live in an apartment in Nashville, they provided me with links to some of their best Nashville apartments. That is such an amazing way to generate leads because you know that the person taking that quiz is genuinely interested in apartments and potentially moving.

Quizzes are a fun way to get someone to gladly provide you with their email address. It's beneficial to both of you because they fill out questions that give you insight to their interests or personality, then you provide them with the information that they are seeking. For example, let's say you are a swimwear brand and spring break is coming up. You could create a quiz that says "What Swimsuit Should You Wear This Spring Break?" Then the questions will correlate with different swimsuits and after they submit their answers, you can give them links to some of the suits that they may be interested in!

Believe it or not, creating these quizzes is super fun and easy! Here's how to create a personality quiz:

  1. Decide on a topic - what is both fun and relevant to your business?
  2. Design the questions that will categorize people into personalities (or whatever categories you choose)
  3. Set up Lead Capture to collect names and emails from your quiz-takers
  4. Formulate quiz results. (The Personalities). 
  5. Share your quiz and watch the leads flow in!

My favorite tool for creating Buzzfeed-style quizzes is Interact. Interact has templates that make creating your own quiz as simple as changing the questions and answers. Plus, there's a 14-day free trial, so you can try before you buy!

Did you know that quizzes have an opt-in rate of 50%? That's very successful for an opt-in. Also, approximately 10% of quiz-takers share their results on social media. Free advertising baby! And because we all love our phones so much, Interact is just as beautiful on a mobile device as it is on a desktop.

Want to check out my quiz? 

If you are looking for a way to quickly build your email list with highly targeted users, it's time to create a quiz!

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