Stand Out With Stock Photos

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Do you look at other bloggers and think “how come everyone is so amazing at taking pictures of coffee and their laptop on their white bed?” Or, “why do all bloggers seem to have beautiful marble countertops to take photos on?” Well, chances are pretty good that they are not taking those photos! Most likely, they are using stock photos.

When I started my first blog, I wanted to do everything for myself. I didn’t want to outsource anything. But it was super time consuming and stressful, so finally I admitted to myself that I needed to start finding help.

Something I waited way too long to take advantage of - stock photography. There are some incredible styled stock photographers who take photos specifically for bloggers and business owners! With all of the stock photo resources, you can find the perfect photo for absolutely anything.


InstaCrush Society is Girlcrush Collective’s exclusive membership site for female bloggers and business owners! Members get tons of resources every single month that will help grow and maintain a successful Instagram account.

At Girlcrush Collective, we believe that great styled stock photos are a brilliant way to boost your overall branding and online presence. We have two amazing stock photographers who provide stock photos for our InstaCrush Society members every single month. Girl Boss Stock and Object Liberty’s unique styles are a great addition to any blogger or business owner.

In InstaCrush, we even teach you two simple ways to change the colors in a stock photo! If you see a photo you LOVE but it doesn’t fit your branding - no worries! It’s easy to change the colors and make the photo your own!


Other Stock Photo Shops/Memberships:

Heart Take The Wheel - use BOSSBABECO for 15% off!

Heart Take The Wheel - use BOSSBABECO for 15% off!

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