Blogging Tools That Make Our Lives So Much Easier

blogging tools that make our lives so much easier

We all have our go-to, essential tools and programs we direct ourselves to every time we sit down for work. Other than stating the obvious app of Instagram, we have several apps that help us run our everyday kind of business. Little things like email marketing, using proper grammar in writing copy, to even purchasing a domain name are all things someone first starting out may forget! Check out our life-saving favs that we can’t help but to rave about!


First and foremost, you are definitely going to want to get a domain name tied down to you. Because what’s the point of being a blogger or an online biz owner if you don’t have your own website?! NameCheap is the best for helping you find the perfect domain name. It can be split up in 3 different categories: individuals, business, or resellers - all in which to piece together the most efficient way to help you. It will tell you what domains are available by having a search bar smack, right in the middle of the homepage. NameCheap works great with WordPress users, too! The best part? It is one of the most inexpensive resources to purchase your domain. They really do put the “cheap” in NameCheap.


So, have you ever gotten frustrated because you have to go back to your iPhone or make a Word Doc just to see the spelling of a word or whether to use affect or effect? No need to worry any further with Grammarly! It’s an add-on for your computer and will jump onto anything you’re typing to give you pop-ups of recommended words, phrases, and proper grammar to use. If you’re a blogger, I’m sure that your Mac or website you use for your blog will help you if something is misspelled. But, wouldn’t you love it if you got extra help to structure your sentences differently or even helping you stay consistent in a passive/active voice, too? We love it so much because we sometimes will write all day long and little things like that will happen! Get started here!

blogging tools that make our lives so much easier

Capitalize My Title

We honestly can’t be the only ones out here who have pondered a good chunk of time if certain words should or shouldn’t be capitalized in titles. And we both have degrees in this kind of stuff! Capitalize My Title has saved us so much time, energy, and disputes on what we think should be capitalized! All you have to do is go to their website, type your title in the bar provided, and it will tell you instantly! Not to mention it helps in all different types of writing formats!


Think we are anywhere near done from gushing about Canva? Not a chance! Canva is the place where we create beautiful templates for our InstaCrush Society members, share ideas with collaborators, and experiment with new designs. You can make literally anything in Canva. From inspirational quotes, advertisements, to Instagram Story Q & A’s, the possibilities are endless. If you’re a blogger, this is a great tool for announcing you have a new post up!

For more on how we use Canva, check out these blog posts:


What if you could be guaranteed to get 20 hours back each week? Well with Coschedule you will be able to plus a ton more! You will organize all of your marketing in one place where it is easy to understand and use. Build teams, keep projects & to-do lists on track, and be able to promote and manage posts all in one condensed location! Get proactive in your organization with your team, business, and with yourself! Who doesn’t love a beautiful color-coordinated online calendar at the tips of your fingers? Coschedule gets things done for the busy working woman that you are - just get it set up and get rolling!

blogging tools that make our lives so much easier


One of the most overlooked tools, whether it be your blog or biz, is your email list! And ConvertKit is our favorite tool to help us utilize our email list to grow to its fullest potential. Here’s the thing - you may not know anything when it comes to starting an email list. We didn’t either! Luckily ConvertKit gives you three different options of levels you can start at: Beginner, Experienced, Advanced. Depending on which level you select, ConvertKit will help you down a path to learn how to email market like a pro! It helps to configure analytics of your subscribers and how to improve your productivity with email marketing. Start your money-making email list here!


Is your business marketing centered around Instagram and Pinterest? Are you finding it crazy time-consuming to go through both accounts and constantly having to post and figure out what is working for you by hand? Then Tailwind is here to save you time and stress from your problems! What Tailwind does is help users save time by planning and scheduling posts, maximize your reach to highly-engaged audiences, and become informed of the types of people who are getting exposure to your content! Tailwind is especially great for teams in your biz to stay organized and on top of current goals! You can join us in being super automated and super organized from here on out!

Learn more about Tailwind in these posts:

We’re always on the hunt to find other amazing sites and tools that can help organize your blog and streamline your productivity! What tools could you not blog without?

Katie & Maddie

blogging tools and resources we could not blog without
blogging tools and resources we could not blog without

How to Significantly Boost Your Traffic with Pinterest

boost your blog traffic with pinterest

If you are a boss babe, you should absolutely be taking advantage of Pinterest. So much focus seems to be on Instagram, but Pinterest is a powerful business tool that is often overlooked. There are over 175 million monthly active Pinterest users as of January 2018. 81% of these Pinterest users are female, and millennials use Pinterest AS MUCH AS they use Instagram.

Haven't convinced you yet? Well, 87% of Pinners have purchased a product because of Pinterest. Half of the users on Pinterest make over $50k/year, and 10% make greater than $125k/year - that's a great audience to market your products and services to.

Manually pinning on Pinterest is okay if you are posting outfit ideas and soup recipes on your personal account, but pinning to your business account without a scheduler is a huge time-sucker. I am going to show you how to automate your Pinterest so you can spend less time pinning, while also growing your account!

According to Buffer, you should pin at least 5 times a day, but it’s best to pin up to 30. You should also post a mixture of both your content and other people’s content. I aim for the 80/20 principle – 80% other people’s content, 20% your own content.

boost your blog traffic with pinterestboost your blog traffic with pinterest

Automate Your Pinterest With Tailwind!

If I had to choose just one Pinterest scheduler, it would be Tailwind. Tailwind is an actual lifesaver. You create a pinning schedule – a set of time slots for each day of the week. Then as you add pins to your schedule, they will automatically fill in those time slots.

But how will you know what times to set for these slots?


Tailwind will generate a smart schedule for you! Using your Pinterest data, they will determine the time slots in which your followers are most engaged. So you can choose the number of times you’d like to pin each day, and Tailwind will automatically set the best times. Pretty freaking cool if you ask me.


You know when you have an awesome pin that you want everyone to see? With Tailwind board lists, you can create lists of boards so that instead of manually selecting 7 different boards for one pin, you can just select the list. For example, if I am scheduling a pin about social media, I will select my “social media boards.”

Also, don’t worry about spamming your followers by pinning to multiple boards. Thanks to Pinterest’s algorithm, your pin will just be shown to your followers once at a given time.



Profile performance shows you a graph of your follower growth, your daily pin activity, your daily repins, and your pin comments.

Virality Score = total repins / total pins

It shows you how much your pins are being repinned.

Engagement Score = total pins / total pins / per 1000 followers

This is a measure of your audience’s engagement with your pins. It shows how much your pins are interacted with on a “per follower” basis.

Engagement Rate

Lets you know how many of your pins have at least 1 repin vs. no repins.


Board insight allows you to track the performance of your individual boards. This helps you see what your followers are engaging with most!


Tailwind Tribes

Tailwind Tribes are like fancy Pinterest group boards. You can easily join tribes based on your topic or niche.

Step One: Join a Tribe!

To join a tribe, you need to be invited. I have created a Girlcrush Collective tribe that I would LOVE to have you in!

After joining a tribe, be sure to read the rules. Each tribe has its own rules and if you do not obey them, you may be removed.


Step Two: Install the Tailwind Browser Extension

Sharing blog posts to Tailwind is super easy with the Tailwind Browser Extension. Install the extension for ChromeSafari, and Firefox. The Tailwind icon will appear in your browser once installed.

Step Three: Add Your Pins to the Tribe

Once you have installed the extension, you can start adding to the tribe! Go to the blog post you would like to pin from, then click on the Tailwind extension icon.

Make sure you have Pinterest-worthy blog graphics. This means vertical, high-quality pins. To create your own blog graphics that others will want to pin, check out this post: How to Create Pinterest-Worthy Blog Graphics (No Photoshop Required)!


Clicking the Tailwind extension icon will pull up all images on the webpage. Select the image you would like to pin and then select which tribes you would like to add it to. Make sure you have optimized descriptions with keywords!

Check out my stats for the Tailwind tribe Blogger’s Chalkboard. From pinning to this tribe alone, my pins were repinned 23 times, making my reach is over 1.2 million. How cool is that???

how to significantly boost your blog with pinterest