3 Must-Have Apps for Twitter


Twitter is a very social social media platform. This means you're probably posting on Twitter much more frequently than you are posting on Facebook or Instagram.

But this does not mean you need to spend more time and energy on it! These three apps have helped me take control of my Twitter accounts. You can put your tweets on auto-pilot and monitor your mentions or keywords so you never miss an important tweet or message!

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Crowdfire is my best friend. Really! It's like a little Twitter robot friend that sends you messages telling you what to do on Twitter to help grow. 

Every day I get a message from Crowdfire telling me how I did on Twitter the previous day. I can see how many followers I got and how many I lost. Then Crowdfire finds some posts that they think will do well on my feed and I can set them if I agree. You can have the tweets post now, or schedule them for later. Crowdfire will autoschedule your posts for the time they think will perform best.

They also find some users they think I should follow. This is based on my competitors. Yeah, you can "copy" your competitors followers. By telling Crowdfire what accounts are similar to yours, you can see a list of their followers. Following those followers is a good idea because if they are following your competitior, they are pretty likely to be interested in your account as well. And if they aren't, you can unfollow them. Crowdfire shows you your "nonfollowers" or the people you follow that do not follow you back. WIth Twitter being such a social platform, it's okay to unfollow the accounts that don't seem to be interested in you.

Another cool feature is "inactive followers". Crowdfire will show you the accounts that haven't been active in over a month (or whatever time period you set). You can unfollow these accounts and follow some more active accounts instead.

There are a lot more things you can do on Crowdfire, I could write a whole post just on Crowdfire. But go download it - it's free (with optional upgrades) and start messing around with the different features! It's available on your internet browser as well as on your smart phone.

post planner

Post Planner

Post Planner is a website that provides you with the very best content to post to Twitter.

You tell Post Planner how often you would like to post to Twitter each day and at what times. Then you can see a list of popular articles on Twitter that you can add to your schedule. There are different categories of popular articles, such as marketing, technology, funny, news, engaging, etc.

You can also view articles and photos based on your industry. For example, I usually search through the articles under Small Business, Internet & Software, and Design & Photography.

Other industries include Health & Wellbeing, Entertainment, Travel, Fitness, Retail, Food & Beverage, Fashion & Beauty, and several more.

Post Planner also has status ideas to help you with your engaging text posts. These statuses will encourage engagement with your followers by asking questions or posting inspirational quotes.

I like to go on Post Planner every other week or so and schedule several weeks worth of tweets. This ensures that I have content being posted even on days that I don't go on Twitter at all.


Hootsuite is an amazing app for all of your social media accounts, but for the purposes of this blog post, I am going to focus on Hootsuite for Twitter. 

Hootsuite rocks because you can create different streams of tweets. Once you start following thousands of users on Twitter, your timeline can become overwhelming. This is where Hootsuite swoops in and saves your life. You can set up your streams however you'd like. Here's how my streams are set up for my @girlcrushco Twitter account:

hootsuite twitter streams

Okay, I know this looks complicated. And honestly, I waited a long time before I started to use Hootsuite because I looked at this and said okay wtf is going on there. But it takes just a few minutes to figure out how to use Hootsuite and as a result you save tons of precious time.

So the first stream I have is "home" which is the first stream you see on the left side of the page. This is exactly what you see when you go onto Twitter on the app - a stream of tweets from everyone you follow in chronological order.

The next stream is my Twitter list, TSC Bloggers & Biz Owners, which is a stream of tweets from the accounts that are in that Twitter list. These are tweets from the members of our Facebook group that I want to be sure to engage with, so this stream helps me to be sure I don't miss them.

The third stream is a stream of my tweets - I can see all of my most recent tweets and their statistics (likes, retweets, replies). This stream just helps me monitor my most recent posts.

The last stream is my direct message inbox. These are all of the most recent messages I have received so I make sure I don't miss anything important!

wait just one second little twitter bird!

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So there ya go, those are my three favorite apps for crushin' it on Twitter!

Do you use any other apps for Twitter?

Peace out,