The Best WordPress Themes for Lifestyle Bloggers

the best wordpress themes for lifestyle bloggers

You started your lifestyle blog and you’ve got amazing content, but readers are not sticking around because your website is just blah. We like pretty things, it’s just in our nature. And although we’ve all been told over and over again that we should not judge a book by it’s cover, we usually do. That goes the same for judging a website by it’s theme. Let’s be honest, we’ve all looked at an outdated website and immediately clicked that x button because we figure that there cannot be anything valuable on a site like that. Don’t let your web design drive your potential audience away!

Luckily, there are some super talented women who have designed gorgeous, responsive, easy-to-use WordPress themes for bloggers! Here are our favorite WordPress themes:

Pretty WordPress Theme

“The Pretty WordPress Theme is designed for the female entrepreneur, and blogger. You run your business efficiently, and need a site design that reflects your impeccable style while streamlining your content. The Pretty WordPress theme is ideal for lifestyle bloggers! She is sophisticated and playful. She effortlessly mixes denim with pearls. She throws her hair in a top knot and tackles her to do list like a boss. She sees the good in everyone. She is Pretty. She's not just pretty on the outside, you can choose to sell products with the Pretty WordPress theme, share your favorite recipes and so much more with this airy, elegant theme.”

“Pretty Happy: Colorful Feminine eCommerce WordPress Theme comes with lots of little extras. I love adding seemingly small things to theme designs for you, because they make a huge impact. I want you and your content to really stand out and make an impression on someone, so I go to town with little extras you may or may not notice throughout each of my themes. You can change the color of various elements using your customizer in the dashboard of your site. I’ve strategically placed customizable areas in this theme that will keep your color evenly dispersed. I also go to great lengths ensuring you’re able to easily place your brand in any of the Pretty Darn Cute Design themes and keep the colors aligned with your brand. I want you to enjoy your theme, and rest easy knowing it’s providing you with the best features available. Hooray!”

“The Pretty Fabulous WordPress Theme is packed with function, and created for the modern day influencer who needs a fresh, vibrant canvas to showcase their life, work, and hobbies while being flexible enough to work for anything or anyone. Pretty Fabulous is the human equivalent of that super fancy girl who always has her hair and makeup done, and dresses in bright, fun colors! But she’s more than just her looks, this theme packs more features than any I’ve ever created.”

“A busy website can sometimes feel like an overly cluttered home. The Pretty Simple theme is full of white space, clean lines, and simple design elements helping you and your readers feel relaxed in your organized home on the web. Installing the Pretty Simple WordPress Theme on your site is the equivalent to taking a deep digital breath and exhaling intention. Only what you need, nothing more. Simple customization options. All our our WordPress themes are fully responsive, and Pretty Simple is no exception. She’s fully responsive and looks amazing on all devices. I wanted Pretty Simple to be the Martha Stewart of WordPress themes, she’ll get you feeling organized while providing that gorgeous simple aesthetic you crave.”

“The Pretty Creative WordPress Theme is a theme for creatives. It was designed by a creative, with creatives in mind. No matter what it is that you create, the Pretty Creative WordPress theme will showcase your work in a polished way that allows your creativity to shine. Use the customizer options to change out the polka dot image, add whatever you like where the graphics are on the home page. The options for getting creative with this theme are endless, and oh so fun. Did I mention it's eCommerce ready? Do you sell products, or downloads? Great, this theme is WooCommerce ready! Don’t sell anything? Awesome, just skip the “install WooCommerce” part of your setup instructions and you’re golden. It really is that simple.”


“Living a life of glitz and glam doesn’t mean you have to live in the big city and wear the highest name brand clothes. You can live a life of Glam right where you are! With the Glam theme, you can spotlight and draw attention to all of those areas of your life that make you or your business fabulous. With the same flexibility and versatility that you have come to expect from Restored 316, this theme is a sure fit for anyone!”

“It’s time for you to Sprinkle your business with organization and functionality. With a gorgeous design and loads of possibilities, this theme is sure to fit your needs! Sprinkle Pro is perfect for businesses that have products, services, and content that needs to be noticed. In a world with so many choices and distractions, your website should create a clear path for your ideal customer. The Sprinkle Pro theme does just that!”

“You’re classy. You’re glamorous. You’re stylish. Why not ensure that your website is, too? Present your content and show off your style in the most Dazzling way possible! Custom coded to display your Reward Style products and keep your fashion finds front and center, this theme is sure to dazzle your readers! Not a fashion blogger? That’s okay, too! This theme offers functionality and flexibility for bloggers and businesses of every kind. Regardless of what you do, you’ll be doing it in style with this theme.”

“Delight your readers with a fresh new design and a pop of color using the new Delightful theme! Filled with many color schemes and features this theme is sure to get your readers attention! Organizing your content by categories on your home page to make it easier for your readers to know what your brand is all about. Create product listings or even a full shop! Whatever you choose to do with this theme it’s sure to be a delight!”

“Simply Charming is the first feminine parallax WordPress theme built with the Genesis framework! Wondering what parallax means? Parallax means that a static or set of static images are in the background and the content of the site moves upon scrolling while the background images stay in place. This theme is absolutely gorgeous no matter how you use it, and fits so many different needs”

“Geared to showcase your latest and greatest work…whether it’s a novel or an Ebook…Novelty is here to help showcase it! Created with the female author in mind, this theme is designed to bring attention to the latest masterpiece that you’ve poured your heart and soul into. With the same versatility and personalization capabilities that you’ve grown to expect from us, this theme can be used by authors and businesses alike! This new theme is packed with great features and functionality…you’re not going to want to miss out on it!”

“Imagine a place where your talents bloom to their fullest potential. Showcasing your beautiful products, services, content, and photography in an organized and simplified layout is exactly what the Bloom theme can do for your website. Bloom’s built-in portfolio feature is perfect for photographers, designers, artists and artisans to showcase all of their work. We want to see your business Bloom with this theme, today!”

Do you use Wordpress? We’d love to see some of your themes!


the best wordpress themes for lifestyle bloggers
the best wordpress themes for lifestyle bloggers
the best wordpress themes for lifestyle bloggers