Mental Health and Social Media

mental health and social media

Listen, there’s no doubt that at the center of social media there is always the same question: But is it healthy for me?

social media and mental health

And honestly, it may not be. But, for some, it can be! You are the only person who knows the inner workings of your mind and your limits. For some, social media just isn’t in the cards and that’s totally understandable! It can be a breeding ground for negative energy, but the magic of social media is that sometimes extremely beautiful things come from it.

To help you better understand the pros and cons of social media when it comes to your mental health, we put on our investigative hats and did our research! We compiled a list of the good and the bad of social media to give you a better outlook on one of our most important tools in modern society.

social media PROS:

We love social media because it is all about connecting with people. On a personal level, we can’t go without having relationships with others. And MySpace and Facebook were the first to really show us what it is like to connect and build friendships with people all around the world. Whether it be to stay in touch with family members who are across the country or supporting your Internet bestie, staying in contact with people is the greatest asset of social media.

On most social media outlets, you have the ability to post content in which you will share with others. Being able to have a digital form of self-expression is the reason why Instagram blew up. We can post about anything and everything (for the most part) and let the world see our creative minds before their very eyes. We can make our profiles beautiful and document times in our lives to share. We can make things however we find attractive and allow the rest of our following to enjoy it with us.

social media and mental health

Many people look over the fact that social media has helped countless users become comfortable in their self-identity. This means that although a person may be shy and timid in person, they feel more alive and free to be themselves online. They are able to find a tribe who love and identify alongside them, bringing them into a community of positive understanding. Not only is a community a large part in this, but being able to follow individuals who are pillars in their respective communities bring encouragement and hopes of victory for those just now finding themselves.

To be completely honest, there would be no Girlcrush, (or InstaCrush for that matter!), if it weren’t for social media. Booming in the recent years, Instagram is especially to thank that online businesses are becoming a common way to go about careers. Working from home has never been more accessible, especially if you have a family and other high priorities going on in life. And it’s always a great option for those who’s anxiety or mental health prevent them from working in a corporate environment. (Hi, we’re raising our hands over here!)

Overall: Social media can be beneficial in enhancing a user’s mental health and/or happiness. In a recent study conducted by Drexel University, they studied the responses of 800 photos with the tag #depression. They found that although they found both negative and positive comments on these posts, the positive overwhelmingly surpassed the negative. This is because people tend to find their own tribe on social media and when that happens, the followers empathize  and create an environment where people can wholeheartedly be themselves while having a family-like group surrounding them with upliftment. Social media communities will also make aware of mental health issues by doing campaigns or using hashtags to give others the platform to express their own stories and give their opinions.

social media and mental health

Social Media CONS:

A large population of children now have experienced either first-hand or know someone who has been a part of online bullying or harassment. It has never been easier to be a bully because now you don’t even have to face the person - you just need a keyboard and a profile. People can and will write hateful things just because they feel like - they could have no agenda with you whatsoever. Take a look at the newlywed Bieber’s. Hailey has hundreds (if not thousands) of Instagram profiles dedicated to just hating her because she’s married to Justin. Hatred and harassment aren’t excluded to anyone online.

social media and mental health

Just because you weren’t given the chance to deny an invite to go out with friends just to stay home, doesn’t mean you want it showing up all over your feed. The fear of missing out or FOMO is perpetuated in social media culture. When we have Instagram as an online public diary, we post about the events going on in our lives to share them with our followers. However, it has the potential to show all the fun things your friends are doing that are happening without you. It gives a sense of rejection, isolation, and sometimes a dangerously competitive nature.

When all of your friends and the celebrities you follow are all posting about the latest outfits they purchased or how their on their way to Bali, it’s hard not to think, “Why can’t that be me?” Comparison issues arise when your feed is looking like a “who’s who” of Millennial influencers. Here’s a fun little tip, more times than not, these people return the outfits immediately after taking their pictures and their trips probably aren’t nearly as fun as they’re making it seem. We have both lived in New York City, do you think we’re posting about the pile of vomit in the subway train? No! Just keep that in mind!

Between all of these issues, social media has now become an addiction in our generation. It has gone so far in not only being a mental health issue, but a physical health one, too. People are now going through sleep deprivation because they are staying up, consumed by what their friends are doing or comparing themselves to strangers on the Internet. The addiction comes from needing or wanting that little buzz of a notification to tell you that someone is looking and liking your stuff. And when that happens once, you can’t help but need it happen again, and again, and again…

Overall: Social media can be a really hard place to navigate through all the crap sometimes. When it comes to wanting more likes and comments and views, sometimes people pull extremes to get all of that and more. Between people harassing one another and showing off lives that they don’t really live, it is difficult to decipher what is fake and what is reality.

social media and mental health

Obviously, we love social media. The whole business is wrapped around and marketed all through social media! Everyday in our community, we see beautiful women living their best lives, starting businesses, and growing families with joy and smile on their faces. But like anything else in this world, it comes with its ugly side, too. Just like you, we try our best to perpetuate a positive, uplifting culture for our boss babes to thrive in. And that is all we can ask of one another on social media, no matter what your differing opinions are. If we all try a little more each day to be kinder and say sweeter words, then maybe we can all break the stigma of social media being bad for one’s mental health.

Katie & Maddie

social media and mental health
social media and mental health
social media and mental heath

Blogging Tools That Make Our Lives So Much Easier

blogging tools that make our lives so much easier

We all have our go-to, essential tools and programs we direct ourselves to every time we sit down for work. Other than stating the obvious app of Instagram, we have several apps that help us run our everyday kind of business. Little things like email marketing, using proper grammar in writing copy, to even purchasing a domain name are all things someone first starting out may forget! Check out our life-saving favs that we can’t help but to rave about!


First and foremost, you are definitely going to want to get a domain name tied down to you. Because what’s the point of being a blogger or an online biz owner if you don’t have your own website?! NameCheap is the best for helping you find the perfect domain name. It can be split up in 3 different categories: individuals, business, or resellers - all in which to piece together the most efficient way to help you. It will tell you what domains are available by having a search bar smack, right in the middle of the homepage. NameCheap works great with WordPress users, too! The best part? It is one of the most inexpensive resources to purchase your domain. They really do put the “cheap” in NameCheap.


So, have you ever gotten frustrated because you have to go back to your iPhone or make a Word Doc just to see the spelling of a word or whether to use affect or effect? No need to worry any further with Grammarly! It’s an add-on for your computer and will jump onto anything you’re typing to give you pop-ups of recommended words, phrases, and proper grammar to use. If you’re a blogger, I’m sure that your Mac or website you use for your blog will help you if something is misspelled. But, wouldn’t you love it if you got extra help to structure your sentences differently or even helping you stay consistent in a passive/active voice, too? We love it so much because we sometimes will write all day long and little things like that will happen! Get started here!

blogging tools that make our lives so much easier

Capitalize My Title

We honestly can’t be the only ones out here who have pondered a good chunk of time if certain words should or shouldn’t be capitalized in titles. And we both have degrees in this kind of stuff! Capitalize My Title has saved us so much time, energy, and disputes on what we think should be capitalized! All you have to do is go to their website, type your title in the bar provided, and it will tell you instantly! Not to mention it helps in all different types of writing formats!


Think we are anywhere near done from gushing about Canva? Not a chance! Canva is the place where we create beautiful templates for our InstaCrush Society members, share ideas with collaborators, and experiment with new designs. You can make literally anything in Canva. From inspirational quotes, advertisements, to Instagram Story Q & A’s, the possibilities are endless. If you’re a blogger, this is a great tool for announcing you have a new post up!

For more on how we use Canva, check out these blog posts:


What if you could be guaranteed to get 20 hours back each week? Well with Coschedule you will be able to plus a ton more! You will organize all of your marketing in one place where it is easy to understand and use. Build teams, keep projects & to-do lists on track, and be able to promote and manage posts all in one condensed location! Get proactive in your organization with your team, business, and with yourself! Who doesn’t love a beautiful color-coordinated online calendar at the tips of your fingers? Coschedule gets things done for the busy working woman that you are - just get it set up and get rolling!

blogging tools that make our lives so much easier


One of the most overlooked tools, whether it be your blog or biz, is your email list! And ConvertKit is our favorite tool to help us utilize our email list to grow to its fullest potential. Here’s the thing - you may not know anything when it comes to starting an email list. We didn’t either! Luckily ConvertKit gives you three different options of levels you can start at: Beginner, Experienced, Advanced. Depending on which level you select, ConvertKit will help you down a path to learn how to email market like a pro! It helps to configure analytics of your subscribers and how to improve your productivity with email marketing. Start your money-making email list here!


Is your business marketing centered around Instagram and Pinterest? Are you finding it crazy time-consuming to go through both accounts and constantly having to post and figure out what is working for you by hand? Then Tailwind is here to save you time and stress from your problems! What Tailwind does is help users save time by planning and scheduling posts, maximize your reach to highly-engaged audiences, and become informed of the types of people who are getting exposure to your content! Tailwind is especially great for teams in your biz to stay organized and on top of current goals! You can join us in being super automated and super organized from here on out!

Learn more about Tailwind in these posts:

We’re always on the hunt to find other amazing sites and tools that can help organize your blog and streamline your productivity! What tools could you not blog without?

Katie & Maddie

blogging tools and resources we could not blog without
blogging tools and resources we could not blog without

Best Ways to Support Other Business Owners or Bloggers on Instagram

how to support other bloggers or business owners on instagram

Supporting other business owners does not necessarily mean buying their products or services. Maybe you have a friend who is a web designer, but you don’t need a website or you already have one. Maybe you have a friend who sells beauty products, but you don’t need anything right now. This does not mean you cannot show your support!

Here at Girlcrush Collective, we’re all about women supporting women, so we’ve put together a list of easy ways to support your friends’ blogs or businesses on Instagram, without spending any money.

Here are some simple ways to support others on Instagram:

Follow them and like their posts

This one really goes without saying. Follow their Instagram account and like their posts! This is especially important at the beginning of their venture. When starting out, business owners and bloggers will have small followings and rely on friends and family as their main engagement on Instagram.

Comment on their posts

Follows and likes are great, but comments are huge! Even just a few words related to their post will help. This kind of quality engagement lets Instagram know that it is a good post that others are resonating with, so be sure to leave a comment when you see a new post!

Share their posts to your story

This is the virtual way of recommending someone to your own audience. Even if you just use Instagram for personal use and don’t have a ton of followers, this still provides quality exposure. You never know if your followers are looking for something that can be provided by your friend!

Shout them out in your stories

Similar to the previous tip, shout them out in your stories. This does not necessarily need to be you sharing a post of theirs to your story, even just a text post telling your followers about them can be beneficial!

Tag friends who may be interested in their business

If you have a friend who is a wedding photographer and another friend who just got engaged, tag them in the wedding photographer’s post! This is a simple, free way for you to help out two friends! Don’t underestimate the effect that tagging a friend in a post can have.

Tag friends who may be interested in their blog

If you have a friend who has a travel blog and another friend who is about to backpack across Europe, tag them in the travel bloggers posts! It’s beneficial for both friends and takes less than a minute of your time.

Recommend them to others

This one goes beyond Instagram. If it comes up in conversation with someone, mention them. You don’t necessarily need to tag your newly engaged friend in your wedding planner friend’s post. If you’re with them and they are talking about planning their wedding, mention your other friend’s name!

Similarly, if you’re with your friend who is about to travel to Europe, let them know the name of your other friend’s blog or Instagram account so they can get any of their tips or suggestions before they go! Word-of-mouth is one of the oldest marketing strategies in the book, but it is still incredibly effective. We trust our friends, therefore we tend to trust their suggestions over commercial marketing.

Save their posts

Saving Instagram posts (clicking the little flag icon on the bottom right of a post) is a valuable way to engage with posts. While others may not know that you saved it (i.e. it’s not public the way that likes and comments are) it still tells Instagram that it is a good post.

Remind them that you are proud of them

Small compliments and reminders that you’re proud of and impressed by your friend’s blog or business is huge. It’s very common for business owners and bloggers to have days where they feel discouraged and want to just throw in the towel, so you never know how badly your friend may need to hear some words of encouragement. Also, we tend to only share the good things on social media, especially when representing a business, so it’s always good to check in and make sure your friends are doing well.

Supporting your friends businesses or blogs does not have to be hard, expensive, or time-consuming. These are all simple ways to show your support, even if their blog or business is not necessarily relevant to you personally!

Do you have any other suggestions for supporting your friend’s ventures? Let us know in the comments!


how to support other bloggers or business owners on instagram without spending any money
how to support other bloggers or business owners on instagram without spending any money

The Best Business Tips We Have Learned from the Kardashian-Jenners

business kardashian

There’s no doubt that the Kardashian-Jenner clan is one of the most polarizing families our generation has ever experienced. But why is that?

They always raise the question, “What are they famous for again?” No matter what you think they should or shouldn’t be famous for, you can’t deny that they are the most ingenious businesswomen in the game. I mean, how else would all of us know what’s happening in each of their lives even if we don’t religiously follow #KUWTK?

Kris Jenner and her army of beautiful, trend-setting daughters may be our own American version of a royal family, but they have a lot to teach their people.

kardashian jenner business tips

Turn Negatives Into Positives

Let’s just acknowledge the elephant in the room. Kim made good out of the leak of her “adult video” with Ray J. Back when it was released, it was a time in American culture where that could (read: would) end someone’s career and destroy any kind of reputation they held. Nonetheless, she turned lemons into champagne and the rest is history. She must of had a Ted Talk with her sisters because they have all followed suit. Now if that isn’t the story of the century, I don’t know what is.

What you can do: Every time a client criticizes or you see a flop with a product, take what is wrong and study it. Learn from the mistakes and see what you can do now to improve.


Stay on Top of Brand Management

And how did the most infamous family become famous? Many could and have claimed “nothing.” But really, it’s fully because they stay on that Kardashian brand #AllDayErryDay. If you see a big booty girl, you automatically say jokingly, “She must be a Kardashian!” Or even a woman with full lips or with bright blue hair, you can’t help but to think of those dang Kar-Jens!

What you can do: Make something undeniably *you*. Whether it’s dyeing your hair a color of your brand or playing a certain song in the background while you make videos. Associate something to you and your brand - but make sure it’s something that you’d want to be attached to you!

kardashian business

“If somebody says no, you’re talking to the wrong person.”

- Kris Jenner


See Behind the Brand

You don’t need a 24/7 camera crew to follow you around all day while your life is being broadcasted on E! And these businesswomen don’t let it stop there. They give you an in through every known app in modern society. Even going so far in creating their own apps! But we know everything that happens, or everything that ~might~ happen - their hints online tell us more than even saying what’s going on! (Helloooo Kylie’s pregnancy?)

What you can do: Do live videos or stories that show a day in the life of you and your biz. Keep it interesting by showing the failures you sometimes have to go through or even a process in which is unique to you and your business. Launching a new product or service soon? Drop hints all over your Insta!

kardashian brand

take your business seriously, but Know Your Limits

We have all seen the meme “The Devil works hard but Kris Jenner works harder.” It’s hilarious because it is so true! We can take note of Kris’ business strategies when it comes to making every one of her daughters a walking cash register. On one hand, we can see her in this shrew-ish, “Kimberly-listen-to-me-right-now” kind of character. She takes the business that is her daughters seriously, but never to the extent where it will cost her or them peace. She is their momager for a reason - no one knows her daughters’ limits better than Kris!

What you can do: Understand your limits. Have fun doing what you love while making money from it, but know when you need to stop. Sometimes it might be your body asking for you to slow it down or maybe even your family and friends. Always hustle, but do it your way.

kris jenner business momager
bible kardashian

Honesty is the Only Policy

If there is another thing these girls are known for is for keeping it real. Just because they’re like this on-screen doesn’t mean it stops there! They keep it real in everything they do in their biz. Why else would everyone tune in every Sunday night? Would you want to watch a show with people just all being nice to each other? Hell no and we wouldn’t either!

What you can do: Maybe you don’t have to be like Kourtney and say literally everything that’s on your mind, but don’t be a season 2 Kim (TBT to her “little white lies phase.”) Keep your audience in the know, but professionally. It lets them know you have nothing to hide and nothing builds trust faster than a transparent leader!


Always Be Adding to Your Biz

If it’s one of them making a socks business, or turning their cosmetics into a billion dollar company, or publishing a book of selfies, these folks never stop hustlin’. Each of them adds something new to the family business. Even now with Kim wanting to start practicing law, there is something to be added - even if it means a career change.

What you can do: Now we’re not saying if you sell skincare products you need to jump into a catering business just to keep things spicy! What you’ll want to do is keep evolving with the times and change your brand/style/products when you feel necessary. If a place like Taco Bell continues to always change their branding to stay relevant, then it should be highly considered for you to do the same.

kardashian business

Age Isn’t an Excuse

Whether you’re 21 like Kylie or 63 like Kris, grinding and working hard has no age limit. As we all know, Kylie has become the youngest self-made billionaire ever. There are tons of people who think being 21 years old means that all you ever do is party and not have a fully developed brain.

Kris has become the momager of her daughters and hasn’t stopped a single day to ensure that each and every one of them has the life that they have always wanted. At 63, people may think of retirement and that now is a time to hang up the hat. Have you seen Kris lately? She ain’t going anywhere anytime soon, honey!

What you can do: Do not listen to the opinions of others when it comes to your age. People will always have something to say about age and careers, but what do they know? If you’re being told you’re too young for something, don’t wait until you’re “too old” for it later!

caitlyn jenner

Don’t be afraid to reinvent yourself

Never be afraid to live a life where you are 100% yourself. Don’t take cover, always make sure you feel comfortable in your own skin. And most importantly, don’t feel like you need to wait 60 years to become your true self, like Bruce Jenner, a.k.a. Caitlyn Jenner, did.

What you can do: Remember that it’s your life, your business, your brand, and other people’s opinions are irrelevant. Be you, do you, and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks. The Kardashians would not be who they are or as successful as they are if they worried about what people thought about them!

bruce caitlyn jenner

Accept That You Might Be Polarizing

Ever heard of the saying “any publicity is good publicity?” Well the Kar-Jens certainly have. They may be one of the most polarizing clan in all of Hollywood and maybe even in American history. Even fellow celebs have been open about their distaste for them. (Oh, how we love a good Twitter feud!) But that doesn’t stop them from being who they are 24/7. They are women who own themselves and are confident in all that they do.

What you can do: Accept yourself and accept that not everyone will love you right away. It may take days, weeks, even years for someone to understand where you’re coming from. However, at the end of the day, it isn’t your job to make them like you or your biz or to change yourself so they will. Be who you are and as long as you love what you’re doing, who cares!


Surround yourself with positive, supportive people

Talk about #WomenSupportingWomen! They may not get along like 89% of the time, but no matter what, they will always support each other. Even if they don’t see eye to eye at first, they find it in themselves to have their sisters’ backs when they need them the most.

What you can do: Hype up your crowd! Be the ultimate hype-woman for all the women in your network. There’s nothing better than one queen help fix another queen’s crown without having to tell the world it was crooked.


“I feel like we are so blessed to have the support system and the best family to really just support each other no matter what we're going through.”

- Kim Kardashian


Find Your Voice & Yell From the Mountaintops

*insert Kim’s ugly crying face here* If there is one thing for sure, it’s that the Kardashians know exactly what their voice is and who they can reach with it. They know their platform and utilize it every day - whether it be their opinions on politics, gossip, or just current events in general.

What you can do: Find out what you’re passionate about and advocate for that. Use your platform for good and broadcast about the things you find important. Not only will this associate you with a cause, but it will shed some light onto what you are really interested in.


Building an Empire Takes Time

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but it sure did fall in just one. If you can remember way back in 2007 when KUWTK first aired, you’ll find that they were...kind of normal? Fast forward to 12 years later and you almost would have never known that they ever cooked their own dinners! They never openly worried about them not growing - they all stayed confident and hustled until they got what they wanted!

What you can do: Don’t lose faith because things feel stagnant or down right now. As long as you put it out into the universe that something great will come from all this, your attitude (and life!) will quickly change. Successful businesses take time to really reach their full potential. Don’t stress, babe. Just think - What Would the Kardashians Do?

kardashian business

kylie jenner billionaire

Although America’s royal reality TV family may have a notorious reputation for being, well, too real, they can teach you about business like nobody’s business. Think what you want about these divas, but there’s a reason why they are rich and famous - hustle hard, market harder. Find yourself in your business and attach that to everything you do. Who knows? Maybe you’ll beat out Kylie for World’s Youngest Billionaire!

business lessons we have learned from the kardashian jenners
business lessons we have learned from the kardashian jenners
business lessons we have learned from the kardashian jenners

How to Avoid Burnout as a Blogger or Entrepreneur

blogger business burnout

Being business babes, we have all struggled to want to open our laptops up and see what’s in store for today. However, have you ever thought “Man, I just can’t seem to know what to do lately.” Or even the dreaded, “What am I even doing with work anymore?” Us here at Girlcrush have felt ourselves get to that point. With blogging you get writer’s block and can’t think of any new ideas. With business you can’t help but to not want to deal with any new problems or ideas that may have risen. You kind of just wish things could go on autopilot while you went back to bed.

Listen, Linda! We’re here to help. Listed below are signs, how-tos, and preventive options to take burnout to burning up the Internet! Burnout happens to the best of us, but we can and will get through it!

Burnout happens when you avoid being a human for too long.
— The Blissful Mind

Signs That You’re Burning Out:

These are just some signs that you or someone that loves you may recognize within. Obviously we all have our off days and we’re not claiming to be doctors, but if you find yourself in the midst of the following, you may be running yourself dry.

You feel exhausted with every day/simple tasks

Are you feeling as if you’re in a rut? And when you have normal tasks, do they feel like they are harder than usual? Girl, we know the struggle. This might be one of the most common tell-tale signs that things aren’t going as they should.

You find you’re talking & thinking negatively

You might be finding that nowadays you have been a little too hard on yourself. We’re all about being the best ~YOU~ you can be, but we can have really high and unhealthy expectations of ourselves. And you might feel like others may have similar expectations for you, but all you can think of is how you’re disappointing yourself and them.

Your mood & appetite have changed

People might notice that you’re getting a little more snappy or moody lately. You might not be talking to your inner circle, either. Heck, you might even be able to tell that you’re a little more fussy than normal. Your appetite also speaks volumes when you’re stressed. You can find yourself with little to no appetite or even being a lot more snacky than usual.

Work feels just like that, work

Rather doing something you love and enjoying your job, your work feels like a drag. We’re not saying that you have to jump for joy every time you get out of bed for work, but you shouldn’t be dreading it. This should be an automatic red flag if you typically love doing your work but now you’re taking the long route to get there.

Motivation is nonexistent/Writer’s Block

You aren’t feeling it today. But you haven’t been feeling it for a while now. No new ideas are popping up for you and you can’t fathom any coming in the near future. All you feel like doing is asking the universe to take the wheel and wake you up when new things happen.

blogger burnout

What To Do:

If you find yourself in the midst of the above signs, here’s some advice on how to handle them. If you feel like none of these are helping, you may want to consider contacting a medical professional.

Address what is causing the stress

Once you recognize what is causing you so much stress and causing your burnouts, then you can start eliminating those factors. If you feel stress coming from others, a giant to-do list, or by another similar problem, you can now start a plan to tackle these head-on.

Schedule breaks during your work day

Although we would like to think that powering through the day is the best idea, taking breaks through the days is better for your mental health. How would your car feel if you drove it cross-country, non stop? Probably super damaged. That’s why you need to give it a rest and oil it when necessary - so do the same for yourself!

Step away when you feel symptoms arising

There’s nothing wrong with knowing your limits and making adjustments to make yourself comfortable. When you feel yourself getting exhausted and burning out again, remind yourself that you can 100% step away from what is making you feel this way.

Give yourself a hiatus

Go off the grid. Turn off your phone. Don’t watch the news. It is so easy to get consumed into an alternative reality and try to escape from this one. But sometimes that isn’t the healthiest alternative. Putting down your phone and taking a drive or meditating will help not only distract you from the hassles of work, but still keep you present within your own reality.

Reevaluate priorities and goals

Maybe you’re putting too much pressure on yourself and the quickest way to know if you’re doing that is to put your priorities and goals in check. Are they attainable? Keep them. Are they a long shot? Save those for a rainy day - just not today. Make sure you have your sights set on what you are able to do at this point in time.

blogger business owner burnout

How To Prevent it From Happening Again:

These tips aren’t only from preventing burnout to happen again, but use these as guidelines to not allow it to happen if it hasn’t happened to you. We want each and every one of you to enjoy life to the fullest - not racing through because you’re uncomfortable. Take time for yourself because self-care is the best thing you can do before helping others. You have to put your oxygen mask on you first before you can help others!

Slow down

Life doesn't need to be as fast as a Monday morning in NYC. Allow yourself to slow down on the regular and let things happen one thing at a time. Not everything has to be done today, not everything is do or die - you got this babe!

Follow your break schedule

Keeping up with your newly established break schedule should be a priority getting back on track. Make time for yourself through the day, no matter how busy it gets!

Find daily inspiration

Whether it be Pinterest, something cute your dog is doing, or looking back on old posts/products, try to find some inspiration to help keep motivating yourself through the day (or even week!) Not everything has to be limited to being “daily” - you can do weekly or even monthly lists for inspiration!

Accomplish goals that mean something to you

When you finish an objective that has meaning to you and you can physically see the results of it, it clicks in your head that hey! You did it! Doing so will make you have a sense of pride and accomplishment, which will lead to more motivation!

Find a support group and allow people to help you

Accountability is always a great way to make sure you stay on a path that you want to stay on. Having loved ones keeping you on track all the while making sure you are keeping yourself healthy is a great way of helping you out so you don’t have to put all the pressure on yourself.

blogger business burnout

At the end of the day, try and find peace in the stillness of your current life. You can try to do anything, but you can’t do everything. When you feel like your mind has too many tabs open, try closing them - one at a time. But make sure you save your work first! And our best advice for anyone struggling on balancing your time and management, the most productive thing you can do sometimes is rest easy, babe.

Ted Talks for When You’re Feeling Burnt out:

Have you felt burnt out as a blogger or business owner? What do you do to prevent it or relieve it? We’d love to hear new ideas!

avoid burnout as a blogger or business owner
avoid burnout as a blogger or business owner
avoid burnout as a blogger or business owner
avoid burnout as a blogger or business owner