Welcome to Day 1 of the InstaStory Challenge!

Today you will learn how to drive Instagram followers to your new posts using Instagram stories.

I don't know how closely you view your analytics, but you may have noticed that not all of your followers even see your new Instagram posts when they scroll through their feeds.

Because only a fraction of your followers see your posts, an even smaller fraction will engage with them.

Why is this?

Well, the Instagram algorithm shows your new posts to your followers who engage with you the most. For example, if someone is consistently liking and commenting on your posts, Instagram will be sure that your new posts are at the top of their feed.

This is great for keeping your loyal followers up to date with your content, but it also means that followers who haven’t engaged as much with your content in the past may not see your posts at all.

You want to re-engage those followers so that your new posts show at the top of their feeds as well.


Here are two ways to use Instagram stories to get more engagement on your posts:


Share your post to your story

Have you seen the new story feature that allows you to share your posts straight to your story? Users can tap on the picture of your post in your story and go directly to the post

  • Go to the post you want to share
  • Tap the airplane icon underneath the image
  • Select ‘add post to your story’
Instagram Story


Announce new posts via your story

Another way to let your followers know that you have a new post is by screenshotting your feed and covering the new post with an emoji, sticker, or GIF. This lets your followers know that you have a new post, but doesn't show them what it is, so they have to go check it out!

  • Take a screenshot of your feed
  • Create a new story with the screenshot
  • Select the sticker icon at the top right corner
  • Choose a sticker to cover the new post
  • Select 'add post to your story'
Instagram Story


Now you know two ways to drive users from your story to your post! Once they engage, they'll be more likely to see your new posts on their feeds because Instagram will recognize that they've engaged with your content!

Tomorrow we will learn strategy #2 for boosting your Instagram engagement with stories!

We'd love to see your stories - tag us in your stories that are announcing your new posts and we may even share it to our Girlcrush story!

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Ta-ta for now!