Day 4 of the InstaStory Challenge is upon us!

Today we are going to cover InstaStory takeovers and collaborations. Story collaborations are great because they not only reengage your existing followers, but also drive new users to your account. Hurray!

Basically, this strategy involves finding a blogger, influencer, or brand that has a similar target audience, and then somehow mentioning each other in their stories. There are several ways you can do this - here are some of our favorites!


Shoutout Exchange

This one is pretty self explanatory - you exchange shoutouts with another Instagrammer. You can post screenshots of each other's feeds or your favorite photos of each other. Be sure to tag them as it will allow your followers to go to their profile easily.

You could even share each other's newest posts on your stories, like we talked about on day 1 where you shared your own posts to your stories!

Instagram Story


Follow Friday

This one is like an extreme shoutout exchange. I just chose Friday because I'm a sucker for some good alliteration, but you could obviously do this any day of the week. 

Find 5-10 Instagrammers who have similar audiences as you. Send them a message and see if they'd be interested in doing a promo exchange, then feature each one of them in your story! If you do this exchange with 10 accounts each week, you will be getting some massive exposure!


Story Takeover

This one is the most work, but it is definitely worth it! Find someone to do a story take over with! This is popular with brands - find a blogger or influencer who is in your target audience, then have them take over your Instagram story for the day. It can be something about how they use the brand's product.

They'll announce on their own story that they'll be taking over that account's story, driving their followers to the brand's Instagram account. Brands then get exposure to all of those followers, and the influencer or blogger gets major exposure to the brand's followers!


If you want to look for other InstaStory Challengers to collaborate with, head to the Girlcrush Collective Facebook group, or go to the InstaStory Challenge event page!

Tomorrow is big day #5, I'll see you then!