Boss babe loops

Girlcrush Co. has had huge success on Instagram with loop giveaways.
We have grown our account by thousands of followers. Loops are a great way to get targeted followers in your niche.

There are two types of loop giveaways: the loop and the secret loop.

THE LOOP: a group of Instagrammers post the same Instagram at the same time. To enter the giveaway, the participant has to follow each account, which will direct the participant to the next account in the loop and the participant will follow each account in the loop until they are sent back to the first one they followed. They will then comment "done" on the post. Extra entry if they tag a friend! Winner will be randomly selected after the post has been up for 48 hours.

THE SECRET LOOP: our Instagram Loops account (@girlcrushgiveaways) will follow only the accounts that are participating in the current giveaway. We will post a photo of the giveaway prize from the Instagram Loops account. We will also have the giveaway sponsored by several Instagrammers in the niche with large followings. The sponsors will post the giveaway on their feed, directing their followers to the loop! Secret loops have larger buy-ins because of the sponsorships, but will get more exposure and more followings. The secret loop also allows you to participate in a giveaway without your followers knowing.


We run secret loops twice a month.
We are now accepting participants for our April 20th loop.