Flow - 3 Lightroom Mobile Presets


Flow - 3 Lightroom Mobile Presets

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These Lightroom Presets can be used to make beautifully enhanced photos using the free Lightroom CC app. It is a perfect photo addition for for bloggers, business owners, influencers, or anyone who wants to give their photos a nice boost! With just one click on your phone you can alter your photos and images to create a unique aesthetic.

The Flow Lightroom Mobile Presets were designed to give your photos a low saturation, high contrast vibe. Give your photos some drama while toning down the colors. The presets are great for most types of photos!

- Flow
- Flow Dark (for brighter images)
- Flow Bright (for darker images)

NOTE: These are not 3 completely different presets. The 3 preset variations ensure that the files will look good on a variety of photo styles. The 3 preset files have slight differences in lighting and color, keeping your photo editing consistent even if some of your photos are darker and some are brighter.

The Flow Presets are part of the Yoga Collection. The Yoga Collection consists of 5 bundles of presets (15 total). The collection includes Asana, Chakra, Flow, Namaste, and Vinyasa. The Yoga Collection presets are clean and clear presets that are designed to be subtle and natural, without having that "overly-edited" appearance.

Works with the Lightroom CC mobile app. Available for free for iPhones, iPads, and Androids.

Includes an Installation Guide PDF with step-by-step installation instructions.

You do not need an Adobe account or subscription to use these presets. Everything can be done for free on the Lightroom CC Mobile app.

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